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Lymfos News nº6: First report of vvIBD in USA

On the 6th issue, Lymfos News includes an article of Dr. Daral Jackwood, Ohio University, about the first report of vvIBD in United States of America.
Lymfos News nº 1-5
The incidence of Gumboro disease in South Africa, the interpretation of ELISA Gumboro titres after vaccination or an experiment to detemine the spreadabillity of HIPRAGUMBORO-GM97 are a few of the topics included in the last issues of Lymfos News.
Protection against Infectious coryza
Experimental evaluation of the protection conferred by nine commercial coryza vaccines.
Molecular survey of IBDV in Europe
A molecular survey of infectious bursal disease viruses (IBDV) circulating in five european countries in 2008
TRT virus affects egg layer flocks
When it comes to SHS, the Turkey Rhinotracheitis virus (TRT) is proved to act as the primary agent
Key points in fine tuning the use of a specific vaccine against very virulent infectious bursal disease
A specific IBD vaccine can effectively control very virulent infectious bursal disease but there are plenty of pitfalls that can lead to failures. The author emphasises the vital importance of identifying the causative virus strain and getting the timing of vaccination right
Dogs as potential carriers of infectious bursal disease virus
Dog fed chicken tissues infected with IBDV excreted that virus in its faeces from 24 to 48 h post ingestion
Structure-dependent efficacy of infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV) recombinant vaccines
VP2 caspids represents a suitable candidate recombinant vaccine instead of virus-like particles (VPLs) for IBDV infections
Basics for the control of Gumboro disease
Key facts for the success of vaccinaton
Various strategies to successfully control Gumboro disease
Four people involved in the poultry business world-wide respond this complex question.
Avian Pneumovirus (APV)
Swollen head syndrome (SHS) – Technical Dossier